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We comb the city streets in search of people who are lost, hungry, homeless, or hurting. 
We share the good news of God's love in the context of informal conversation, presented with gentleness and respect, and tailored to the life situation of each person.
We convene gatherings at which our volunteers are present and available to befriend those who come, to share a meal with them, and pray with them concerning their needs and concerns.  Then we share with them in worship and a simple Gospel message.  
We distribute practical gifts to those who come, such as: clothing, shoes, food, toys for children, toiletries, tents, sleeping bags, etc. 
We arrange and facilitate small group meetings in parks and other suitable places in the inner city where people can enjoy friendship, prayer, and support from believers.  
We visit the neighborhoods in or near the inner city where people are facing adversity, offering them friendship, Bible study, and support for their needs.
We partner with Christian believers to ensure that this ministry is effective. This involves recruiting volunteers to cook and serve meals, distribute gifts, counsel and pray with people, provide music, present testimonies, canvas the streets, collect information and follow up, conduct small group meetings, and/or contribute financially as God provides.  [ Return to Home Page ]
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